What does ovo mean?

Because Drake was born in October, OVO means “October’s Very Own.”

How much do Ovo clothes cost?

The prices of OVO Clothing may seem high compared to other brands, but the brand is known for its unique styles and good quality.

Who dresses in Ovo clothes?

A lot of people like OVO Clothing, from famous people to fashion fans. Some well-known people who have been seen wearing the brand are Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna.

How long will Ovo’s clothes last?

To be better for the earth, OVO Clothing has done things like release a line made from recycled materials and organic cotton and cut down on waste in the way it makes its clothes.

When did Drake begin OVO?

When hip-hop artist Drake started OVO Sound in 2012, it stood for “October’s Very Own.”